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I have had trouble with my lower back for quite some time and although I am not a person who seeks out a massage, I have become a fan. After limping around the house for about a week due to radiating back pain - I was recommended to contact spark from a friend. The chiropractor was very friendly and helpful on the phone but unfortunately, did not take my insurance. I did however schedule a massage - the massage did wonders for my back (I left the clinic no longer limping) and I went back the next week for a longer massage to allow time to really address some of the problem muscles. I found Marie to have a firm hand, competent and flexible to my schedule. - Charity L.
My family and I have gone to Spark Clinic numerous times from sniffles to poison ivy (which cleared up right away without having to take antibiotics!).

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking wellness alternatives to what is now considered mainstream. - Conal G.
I chose to go to Martha when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant because I kept having low back and pelvic discomfort.  She was thorough, patient, cautious and thorough.  I have had other chiropractors for years and they have been very good - I am a very selective, informed consumer of wellness and health care services.  Martha takes it to another level!  After my visit, my primary complaints were significantly improved, plus my sinuses drained.  She is gifted. - S.C.
Dr. Martha DeSante is an amazing chiropractor.  She  patiently listened to my concerns and fears and was completely willing to work within my comfort zone.  Her patience and knowledge helped me to relax and allow her to make the necessary adjustments.  My back pain was gone the next day and I have not had any since.  I highly recommend Dr. DeSante and the Spark Wellness Clinic. - Kris A.
Dr. Martha DeSante is a talented and  truly caring health care provider. I had some nagging low back pain that only occurred while running. She took the time to find the problem and treat the source of the pain. She has gentle, yet effective treatment techniques for the whole family. I would recommend her to anyone considering chiropractic care. - Lindsay A.
Spark Clinic is like all wellness clinics should be:  well rounded, with something for everyone.  I've been there both for homeopathy, and for Yoga, and in addition, I know some of their professional team.  I'm not just saying this because I know them.  When I've gone, I've felt like my well-being is in their best interest, and the staff have gone above and beyond for me numerous times, without my asking.

So I'm giving them 5 huge stars.  If you're looking for a Yoga class, or more intensive healing, I'd highly recommend Spark Clinic be one of the first places you call or drop in to... ! - Ariella F.
Dr. Martha DeSante is an amazing person.  I had tried other treatments to make my low back pain go away, but her approach was the only one that worked!  After suffering for months in pain, she was the one that helped the pain go away.  Best yet, it has not come back!  She also is wonderful with children.  She has treated my 1 year old daughter, and taught me the importance of having children get adjusted.  Dr. Martha has a way with children and somehow got my very busy little girl to cooperate.  I strongly recommend going to see Dr. Martha.  She is a genuinely kind person, and you can tell she has a very caring heart. - Chad K.