Demystifying Keto

June 26, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Brazelton Home
Spark Wellness
Dangerously close to becoming the next dietary fad, the ketosis diet has become increasingly popular as a way to quickly lose weight.  It can, however, be much more.  While ketosis is the essence of simplicity, there is real depth to how it can be used to further your health goals.  In this class, we’ll explore what ketosis is, how it affects your body, and how to get to (and stay!) in a ketosis state without side effects.
This will be an experiential class, so while we’ll be talking and reading about the science of ketosis, we’ll also be eating very low carb foods to get a sense of what the diet has to offer.  If you have food intolerances, please let us know at least a week in advance.
Hosted at the Brazelton home and taught by Paul Brazelton.  You’ll receive directions once you’ve registered.
$30 per person, registration required.
Maximum of 8 attendees
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