Get the Most Out of Your Care

How to Get the Most Out of Your Homeopathic Care 

    • Be Curious – Open your mind to all of the possibilities.  Be curious and aware of how your self-talk is changing.  Be curious about your body and get in touch with your sensations, cravings and needs.  Wonder about the possibilities for yourself and be open to the unfolding.


    • Be Patient – You may have made the choice to begin healing but your mind and body have been set in their ways for months, years or even decades.  The unravelling of symptoms and destructive self talk will take time.  In using homeopathic remedies we are asking the body, mind and spirit to come into balance and heal itself.  A remedy is on the stimulus.  You do the healing.  If you are able to find calm, eat healthy food and get good sleep, your healing process will benefit.  If your life is such that even these things are not possible, we’ll start at the beginning.  Be patient and remain open and curious about what’s happening for you.


    • Stay in Touch – As you heal, things come up.  In life, things come up.  We don’t get to move to a quiet beach retreat while we find unconditional happiness.  We work on it each day surrounded by all of the stressors and ups and downs of life.  Your response to your life’s happenings are unique to you.  Acute illness, troubling dreams, grief and new or intensified symptoms are all part of your journey ad are important to me.  It is essential that during your homeopathic journey you remain in contact with me.  If life’s changes bring up things, I want to know.  If you get sick and don’t recover quickly, I want to know.  Give a call or send an e-mail.  It’s essential to your continued healing that you stay in touch.


    • Send your Friends, Spouse and Kids – Yes, my practice operates because of your referrals, for which I am deeply grateful.  Also, it is important to surround yourself with other people who are also on a healing journey.  If you think homeopathy is important for emotionally balanced and physically healthy kids, how would it be for Mom and Dad to be balanced too?  Having trouble in your marriage or just feel as if there is room for growth? Homeopathy can help to open the lines of communication, lengthen short fuzes and increase your emotional openness toward each other.  As you do this work, tell other people about it.  Being surrounded by others who are also healing is good for the soul!