Homeopathy for Hormonal Balance- By Marie Lex, Massage Therapist

On January 2, 2014, I was proud to announce I had gotten my period.  I called Jennie at Spark Wellness to tell her about it and she was very happy to share the joy with me.  
The reason that this was such an epic event is that for the past 7 years, I have not had my period. Western medicine said after several tests and observations that I was post-menopausal and that my ovaries had atrophied.  I had gone through menopause, or at least all the symptoms of it, by the time I was 30 years old. I am now 33.  There was no exact reason, although several hypothesis about why my cycle ended.  I decided for a few years that I would give up and accept the fact that it was never coming back and therefore the thought of being able to conceive was not an option. 
I had studied about energy medicine, spiritual health, and nutrition along with diet and exercise enough to start to think that maybe I could become so healthy that it may come back.  Even then when I was very healthy for quite some time, I didn’t believe that my reproductive organs could be revived.  I started to study even more thoroughly the power of thoughts and beliefs and to take greater interest in health care that was more preventative based.  When I had first heard of homeopathy, I was very interested in trying out this therapy.  Jennie, a  homeopath at Spark Wellness, was the one I had chosen and with her visits I had started to heal.  I won’t go into depth about what all went on in our sessions as it’s a very personal journey and unique to all, but I am so thankful for going to her. 
I did do a few other healings that were spiritually based and told myself positive self affirmations daily.  I know those helped but Jennie is the one that really had a determined heart and could feel that she really did care about my well being.  I highly recommend anyone see her. It’s worth a shot!  I had a miracle happen and if she can help me that much, I am certain she can help others too! Also, what’s really cool, is that now I may have children of my own.  I grin every day knowing that I now have that choice!
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